Chume Disposable Face Towel



Design: 智远创意(北京)文化发展有限公司
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Disposable face towel
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Good products must be equipped with good packaging. For the packaging design of face towels, Zhiyuan’s team uses new fashion art techniques to create creative designs. The packaging adopts color block illustration style design, which mainly highlights the characteristics of fashion, personality, youth, and art. Picasso, the founder of art, interprets eclectic artistic attitudes throughout his life in art. His works are rich in styles. Later generations use “Picasso is always young” to describe Picasso’s changeable art form.

What’s Unique?
This design work uses Picasso’s changeable young artistic techniques to create. The two fashionable and young goddesses present a perfect artistic portrait through the splicing of color blocks. The colors interpret the passion and emotional vitality of life. tone.