Agency: B&W Graphic Lab
Designer: Ben
Designer: Wei
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper, Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography

F-core is a special perfume, which adds a reagent and needs time to catalyze the final appearance of the fragrance. Depending on the time of production, the same perfume will have different flavor performance. This performance is huge and elusive, and it needs a lot of time to brew in the bottle to complete this process.

F-Core has been cooperating with B&W since the beginning of its establishment. Although the epidemic has affected the meeting between the two teams, we have been communicating deeply through FaceTime, and each of us has gradually gotten used to this way of communication.

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The brand itself is defined as: Brave, young, fashion, we will make a kind of flower to describe space graphics, it is a three-dimensional, space on an attempt, brand logo according to different models corresponding to different space, the perfume F – core closely connect with the product itself, through this diversity of deformation to show the diversity of products and complicated process. All the diversity from a visual point of view is the brand logo, in fact, is a kind of universal design.

All the reagents used in the product are extracted from flowers and plants in nature. This organic material will not stimulate the human body at all. It is a natural invisibility cloak, which not only protects your body against the invasion of various odors, but also has the function of assimilating the abnormal odors around.

When spraying is a kind of light green mist gas, into which can feel a kind of cool to cover the whole body, this kind of feeling and can have the nuances of different models, this protection will last 24 hours, usually starting with thick but slowly will dissipate over time, this perfume is not suitable for use in sports, it will affect the continuous output of fragrance.

F-core is a kind of fragrance company, which is also brewing at the same time, waiting for us to explore the mystery together.