Design: Kingdom & Sparrow
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Jitterbug
Photographer: Howard Oates
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Seltzer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can label
Printing Process: Digital

Jitterbug’s founder Bola came to us in 2019 with a unique product – on-the-go, low calorie apple cider vinegar drinks that are naturally fermented with ‘The Mother’ to support good gut health. Based on her own personal experience and journey to better health, Bola’s mission is to help people make informed decisions in their diet so they can be happier, healthier and more energetic in mind and body. We needed to create a founder-led brand that captured this and clearly communicated the products’ health benefits in a way that was true to the founder’s charismatic personality and zest for life!

To help Jitterbug stand out in a sea of wellness brands, we decided to move away from the more typical minimalist ‘clean eating’ cues and instead create a brand with a bright, joyful and energetic look and feel. The 1950s is one of founder Bola’s passions and we felt the era’s music was a great fit for this – so we centred the brand identity around that theme. The logo is influenced by 50s signs, and the assets and messaging are inspired by records and turntables. Even the brand name comes from a 50s swing dance. The overall result is a unique brand that radiates movement and positivity, reflecting the feelgood benefits you’ll get from Jitterbug’s drinks!

“Working with Kingdom and Sparrow is the very best decision and investment we are proud to have made. A uniquely creative and inspirational bunch that opened our eyes to see way beyond we could have imagined, helping us create a brand that truly stands out, is authentically energetic and evokes so much sophistication yet so easy to connect with.

We get so many compliments about the Jitterbug Brand and brand assets created by Kingdom & Sparrow that for us we are completely hooked. As Jitterbug continues to grow we are confident that we have a winning team in Kingdom and Sparrow on our side. Thank you!” – Bola, Founder of Jitterbug

In 2019, Jitterbug were awarded the World Beverage Innovation Award for Best Sparkling Drinks, and since then have been going from strength to strength – despite 2020’s global pandemic! In February 2021, the Jitterbug drinks were successfully launched on Amazon Launchpad (an invite-only programme for innovative brands), and have expanded to other online and in store retailers, with bigger plans on the horizon!