Design: Salt and Sugar Creative Studio
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: Blush Cosmetics
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Body Scrub, Peeling
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch bag, Plastic, Box
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Blush is a cosmetic brand focuses on coffee based natural and vegan products. It is a newly established brand started with a coffee based body scrub which mainly has three different flavor: Original coffee scrub, cacao and coconut coffee scrub. For this project we created an illustrative world with pastel colors representing all different flavors. Combination of organic shapes with illustrations and pastel colors formed dynamic and appealing packagings we aimed for.

The brief was to make the packagings stand out on the market shelfs and keep the brand’s identity as sincere and fun as possible. Also it was important to highlight its natural and vegan character. Thus illustrative style with organic shapes fit this identity very well. We tried to create fun and colorful patterns but also balanced it with white information areas so that important notes can be visible.

Considering the brand’s name “Blush” we built an identity dominated by the soft pink color, also took elements from packagings in order to make the brand itself and its products communicate with each other. As a printed material other than three main packagings we designed a business card, brochures and a box. Also we designed small gifs for brand’s social media and digital platforms.

Overall this was one of our most enjoyable projects. We are quite satisfied with the result. Outcome is also met the client’s expectations. Especially pouch packagings are become the highlight of this project. Hope you enjoy checking out this work as much as we do.