The Garden of Eden by Cinco Jotas

Agency: Morillas Branding
Illustrator: Tito Merelo
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cinco Jotas
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Jamón Ibérico
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Leather, Metal
Printing Process: Offset

Cinco Jotas is the market leader in luxury Iberian gastronomy. Its success results from the mastery of the technique, the dedication and the fascination of the masters who have been perfecting the art of ham for years. However, Cinco Jotas is much more than a premium ham brand, it’s the paradigm of Spanish culture and gastronomic heritage and our challenge was to shape a new packaging for the Christmas special edition that would help to reflect its essence and the company’s way of doing.

Based on the idea that Cinco Jotas ham could be considered a work of art, we developed a concept that paid tribute to the great painters of our country, those who chronicled their time from the urban landscapes of the towns of Spain or the scenes of picnics, harvests, hunts and portraits of the Spanish society. With the collaboration of the prestigious contemporary artist Tito Merello, we created “The Garden of Eden by Cinco Jotas” an ode to an indescribable experience, an ultimate heavenly sublime Cinco Jotas experience. The artist was inspired by Spanish trends such as ‘Costumbrismo’ and Surrealism, but art lovers will also find elements of the European Renaissance painter, Bosch.

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This work of art recreates moments of celebration in which the pleasure of Cinco Jotas ham becomes the protagonist around which a whole scene is composed. A ‘flamenca’ whose skirt is made of ibérico, a ‘cortador’ that is being taken a picture of and a big summer-like table around which a group of friends gather to celebrate the exquisiteness of our Iberian ham. We took scences of the painting and we used them in the limited-edition packaging for Christmas Collection 2020. These apparently trivial moments deserve to be elevated to the category of extraordinary through the lens of Cinco Jotas delightful ibérico and be part of this dream-like paradise.

What’s Unique?
The packaging has a unique octogonal shape that balances the ham weight to equilibrate the packaging when it is carried by hand.