Chochoi Creative

435 Phan Xich Long, 3 Ward, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city

Design: Chochoi Creative
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: September Café & Cake
Product Launch Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Beverage, Cake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

September Café & Cake is a coffee shop located in the bustling city named Saigon. When expanding to another new branch in town, the new opportunity comes with some challenges attached upon how to find the mutual voice & establish the tighter DNA & precise comprehension among 2 branches & even others in the near future. “September Café & Cake” searched for the rebrand opportunity of a brand-new sense of purity & tenderness while intertwined with already existing interior design.

The rebrand needed to serve the whole brand image in a clearer and synchronized way which is obvious across many different media, promotional campaigns & even in-person experience in this coffee shop.

Guided by the imaginary visuals of interiors, the fall is delicately chosen among 4 reflective seasons as the main concept with the idea that “The fall breeze – a season filled with secrets and unspoken things of that slight wind yet mesmerizing”. With this choice, we do not simply choose the general theme but also wrap it up inside with brand emotion & message. Alive comes the Tone & Mood with the mutual points, also. By the foundation core of September Café & Cake with nude colors, some “principles” are set in guarantee of fully emotion delivering: Pure – Richness in emotion – Sharing – Relief.

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The color palette originates from various stages of the fall’s cozy colors blended with orange-ish tone being the fundamental pure theme. Consequently, those selectively picked colors with low saturation generate a touch of dreamy sense in every detail & spreading into the entire zone.

With the full curves & richness in shape, Recoleta font is chosen as the main font delivering the feel of comfort for everyone at their very first sight while itself also owns the girl-ish aspect. By the support of Brocha & Libre Baskerville as the sub fonts, they are all combined together as a whole which convey the state of certain warmth that September Café & Cake intends to deliver to any customers of this coffee shop.

Along with the support by simple typeface, the logo is designed expressively based on the interaction of 2 different windows -signature of September Café & Cake as if 2 individuals are leaning on each other emotionally & sharing little things in relief. This minimal yet impactful logo no doubt exposes the iconic traits of this coffee shop and secretly hands over viewers a glimpse of comfort.

Impressed by the reflecting sunshine through windows & freely scattering shadows over the platform, Chochoi Creative holds the core spirit of those sparkling windows & adapts over the cake Packaging when creating a room of sunlight sneakily running from unbalanced ovals & resting gently over a cake inside. While having fun with sunlight embraced around this coffee shop, we also delicately retain the same message & impression of September Café & Cake in even a tiny scale.

In the fall breeze of nature, September Café & Cake comes into life turning into the welcoming shelter – “Where secrets are shared and remained within”.

What’s Unique?
Opposite to the idea of “from-sketches-to-manifestation”, the brand’s inspiration are constructed based on its primary interior of its first coffee shop’s interior elements. Inspired by those oddly oval windows, the visual & packaging bloom swiftly in grace when everything is observed through tiny windows’ shapes surrounded by watercolor-like elements of the Fall.