Chochoi Creative

435 Phan Xich Long, 3 Ward, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city

At Okkio, where space and time are stretched out to be a hollow, either long or short, to any individuals, we are able to have such an “excuse” to dive deeper into the inner-self during that “precious time”. Consequently, we “FOUND” ourselves and have “BEEN FOUND” in these moments. Then, we can lead our ways for any further actions. Besides, everybody in us all shares a hidden demand of searching & fulfilling our missing pieces. With people these days, it is essential to have one cozy space shared within space & time; therefore, we are absolutely free to accomplish all the things we would love to.

Mainly influenced by Jazz inspiration, OKKIO Re-branding project is not mainly about making the brand more vivid in customer’s mind but also bringing its vibe out of the actual space and delivering to customers through any further packaging. Besides, in order to stand out among those competitive coffee packaging on the selves, it is a must to put OKKIO logo on on the top & in the front so that people can easily recognize together with its bold typeface. Plus, with a “cube-alike” coffee packaging, it really helps the packaging clean and neat most of the time even after unboxing with no wrinkles or deform shape.

With the specific purpose of “making OKKIO obviously alive in front of customers” through packaging that you might find in any supermarket, any facets of OKKIO’s interior turns out to hold its important role to descibe the coffee shop’s vibe without any descriptions. Combined with our main visual of “Oval-and- Rectangle” signature from those old-days Jazz albums, OKKIO is tailor-made to dedicate to its spirit of “FOUND & BEEN FOUND” – where you put yourself in the jazzy time-stretching atmosphere either you are in OKKIO’s space or any supermarkets where you meet OKKIO.