Derrick Lin


Design: Diogo Furtado
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft

Podfè is a brand that manufactures and sells coffee. The name comes from the junction of the word “Power” with “Coffee” – “Poder” and “Café” in Portuguese.

With a formal, sustainable and functional personality, the brand intends to stand out in its market area.

The typographic logo, with a modern font no-serif, with a detail in the letter “e” that indirectly refers to coffee smoke. The color palette, based on the same attributes of the brand, is based on the entire grinding of the coffee, which from its production to the final grinding differs in different shades of color, and of course, depending on the type of coffee bean.

The packaging, largely focused on the customer experience, and how they will encounter packaging on shopping center surfaces. Differentiation took place, thus opting for the rotation of the logo, so that people passing through the aisle of the shopping center, faced with the packaging and the brand name. At the beginning of the brand, two types of packaging were developed, one for normal coffee and the other for espresso. An important point in packaging was sustainability when using kraft paper as a material that also ends up bringing sophistication and elegance to the manufactured products.