Quinta Dona Sancha – 1st Edition



Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper, Metal, Cord
Printing Process: Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Foil Stamping

Quinta Dona Sancha – House of Unique Wines, emerges in an environment of sensations where tradition is still alive, combining modernity, uniqueness, refinement and elegance.

Surrounded by a rural landscape, with granite houses, pines, oaks and a river in it’s pure state. The entrance gates, that had once served as support for the men and women who found sustenance in the countryside, open the way to a imemorial times.

The packaging design developped by M&A CREATIVE AGENCY, is an illustration of the house, vineyards and landscape as they are nowdays, enriched with graphic details to honor this top of range of Quinta Dona Sancha 1st Edition.

Gold stamping details, fine paper, braille varnish, we have focused into the bottle top, where we used a special wax seal, a cord strap and finally na old bronze metal coin, tooled to celebrate the1st edition of the ENCRUZADO variety grape of the Quinta Dona Sancha – House of Unique Wines.

The history a brave woman is honored.

What’s Unique?
This project allow us to improve the knowledge in metal tooling to devellop new ideas, concepts and pieces. We also improve some techniques to make a better wax finishing on the bottle top. More and more, we are following the whole production process to deliver 360º solutions to our customers.