Museum Collection – Artefact 01


Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

This project is totally related to our client’s vision and concept of art. He has shared many insights and ideas of his own, which were very valuable in reaching the result that he was expecting.

Our task was to present him with a full package project, from concept, naming, branding, bottle, Bartop, metal pieces and finally transport packaging.

After many hours of brainstorming, we have reached a final concept, which we have called “MUSEUM COLLECTION – ARTEFACT 01”, this is the first piece of art that we are doing, as well the first Oporto Wine Style that this brand is producing.

The result was accomplished, from the bottle Selection to the Bartop product design to the brand logo metal piece, the cotton cord which holds the tag in which you can read this  amazing message:

Art makes us realize the truth in various forms it can transcend and speak to us in many ways, with simplicity or sophistication, with or without meaning, with rules or even without rules.
To understand all this, we just need to be willing to open our souls and accept the unique and unrepeatable.”

Finally, we designed the cardboard transport box according to the bottle specs.

In the end, we were all very proud, from concept, product design, graphic design, printing and metal injection, ans finally content Photography we delivered a 360º project, with outstanding visual richeness.