Citroen 2CV – Joie de Vivre


Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

This is an homage to Julia Kemper Wines, and the Mello family, whose tradition of making wine, started 400 years ago.

In Mangualde city, there was a factory of the famous Citroën 2CV – Dois Cavalos”, or “Deux Chevaux”, a symbol of youth and freedom. A mythical car, of global prominence, with a network of lovers, and a club of friends all over the world, just like in Mangualde.

Born in 1948 from a difficult project called TPV – Toute Petite Voiture – it saw the light of day on October 7, 1948, at the Paris Motor Show. Fifty years later, in 1998, its international production ended and it was up to Portugal to continue this process from that year onwards, until production ended with copy nº 5,114,961, including the commercial versions, Dyane, and other variants. Of the record number of production, there are 81,882 units with the “Made in Portugal” seal, including, naturally, the last one.

On July 27, 1990, history was made and the last 2CV rolled off the production line, and many people that have worked their lifes assembling this car, finally said goodbye.

We were tasked to create a packaging that represents the cultural heritage of the Mangualde community and this vehicle.

We have listen the elder people, their stories, the “joie de vivre” during these prosperous years, in which this car fill their souls and lives with joy and color.

Using the “collage” style, we have cut out details of very old pictures and bring back to life the elements that represent the joy of the past, the dreams and happiness of the workers, users and lovers of the 2CV around the world.

A true and honest inspiration, full of color and happiness that fulfills the heart of those who have done so much for this brand.