3 Peaks is an exceptional extra virgin olive oil, from the Messenian region, Greece.

“Ideal for plowing, ideal for planting”, said Tyrtaios, the ancient Greek poet, about Messene. Olive oil has always been a valuable product of the Messenian land; in the palace of the legendary King Nestor, olive oil was considered of such high value, that its storage jars were kept next to the throne room. In this area, the olive tree has been cultivated for five thousand years. Loaded with symbols and passions, identified with this land, it has always been equated with strength and longevity. A guardian of human memory, it emitted – and still emits – a unique kind of magic.

Located amongst three mountain peaks, is the village of Trikorfo; its name literally means “three peaks”. From trees of the fine “Koroneiki” variety, the village is famous for its olive fruit excellence, where tireless grandfather Michalis and his family cultivate them with care. “Liomàzoma”, the so-called harvest, is carried out in the traditional way. This blend guarantees the quality of the extra virgin olive oil, its deep green color, and its wonderful aroma. It maintains an integral part of its heritage.

We were commissioned to design a brand that captures the company’s values: honesty, authenticity, heritage. The white color choice conveys these values, providing elegance, purity and sophistication to the brand.

Trikorfo. History, Tradition, Quality. One land. Three peaks.


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Aspa Chroneou


Design & Art Direction: Aspa Chroneou

Photography & Editing: John Giannis

Glass Decoration: Kouvelas SA