The renewed dairy brand “Happy Childhood”

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The renewed dairy brand “Happy Childhood”

At the request of the Kuzminki-Milk company, our team has updated the visual image of the Happy Childhood brand of dairy products.

The “Happy Childhood” brand has been represented on the Russian market since 2018. The brand line includes more than 60 types of dairy products. During the brand’s presence on the market, “Happy Childhood has gained a stable position. The good results of the Kuzminki-Moloko company were achieved due to several advantages. One of assets is the possession of their own milking herd. The herd is raised on their own natural feed. The milk is then processed at the company’s own factory. These advantages allow the manufacturing company to control the quality of products at each stage.

Currently, the brand’s products are presented in almost all large Russian retail chains.
During the work process, our studio updated the brand logo, the brand character, also we put in order information in brand-blocks of packaging, developed a design for new product positions, and adapted the design to all positions of the Happy Childhood brand matrix.


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