Cucaracha is a new brand on the craft beer market

On the request of the brewery Cucaracha (“cockroach”in Spanish), CUBA Branding was challenged to create a craft beer brand.  Within the scope of a project, we developed a brand structure, brand identity and packaging design of the product line.

The studio team created a world of six-legged characters as the main visual idea of the brand. In this animal world the passions boil as in the human world: ups and downs, love and betrayal, true friendship and fierce enmity. Each hero is unique and owns his personality, just like the beer he represents. Cucaracha is a story to be continued. The product line extension is planned in the future, and the brand line will be replenished by new heroes and new styles of beer.

At the product launch, the line included four drinks: Oatmeal Stout, Barley Wine, West Coast IPA and East Coast IPA.


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