polkadot design

Athens, Greece

Tropiki is a special session IPA that pays homage to the magnetic 1980s and the retro-futuristic aesthetic that this era is known for. To celebrate their friendship, Strange Brew and LOT51 put together a smooth and spirited mix, full of delicate aromas. The goal of the packaging was to create an eye-catching beer, with a desire to stand out. We used vivid and vibrant spot colours, paired with design elements inspired by neon lights and wireframe grids, to really capture the feel of the 80s.

The typography is based on classic signage scripts, while the illustrative details complete a well-balanced composition that plays with past and present in interesting and compelling ways. Try Tropiki, and let yourself be transported back in time. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine: a sunset cruise in a corvette down coastal highways, flickering neon lights in a dusty arcade, the glow of signs and screens in a city surrounded by palm trees.