BRANTOME, le jardin des vignes

Brantôme, one of the most beautiful sites in the Dordogne, a village where a river of indisputable charm flows, the Dronne. While the ducks put on their show, tourists looking for a Perigord cottage await their boat. Until autumn, walks are organized along the water. The Dronne is a small river that is not navigable at the base, as it is 40 centimeters deep in places, but some boats can pass through it Built by the Benedictines in the 16th century, the Brantôme canal extends over 600 meters. Its cruises follow their route on the river.

From their 11th century, and thanks to a miraculous spring, pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela stopped here to cure sterility and childhood illnesses, or to meditate in front of the relic of Saint Sicarius. The monks arrived at the Abbaye de Brantôme in the 8th century. There were 8 to 40 monks until the French Revolution. There are 16th and 17th-century houses, as well as the ruins of a huge mill, and at its feet, those of a hotel, designed in 1930, but never finished because of the war. Raymond Poincaré, President of the Republic visited Brantôme in 1913, and baptized Brantôme for the first time, “The Venice of Périgord”.

The name “Green Venice of Périgord” refers to the river that highlights the city, and to its great architectural richness like the real Venice that you can admire on-site or on the Oriane & Angel Venice style blog. The autumn lights, less intense than those of summer, will allow you to appreciate the character and the soothing charm of this marvel of French heritage. A heritage that includes magnificent French watches.