“Kolaž” is a blend of five grape types, named after the art technique collage in which the artist glues multiple pieces together to create a new whole. We designed a packaging concept that invites the customer to co-create the wine label. A typical wine bottle has one label, but “Kolaž” (collage) has five, each representing one grape type mixed in this red blend. Together, they make a set of stickers you can cut, tear and assemble on the bottle as a collage.

Design inspiration for each sticker came from the grapes’ origin, color, and soil type. We used a rubber band to bind the stickers as an homage to traditional winemakers who used rubber bands to bind vines in their vineyards. There are no rules or limits to your artistic expression. Inspire yourself with the wine or the moment, and create a unique reminder of the people, the place, and the experience you had while enjoying your bottle of “Kolaž”.