Studio Size developed the brand name and label design for a white wine blend. We named it “Ikons,” as it is a blend of two iconic grape varieties: Škrlet and Graševina. Both of these grape types are also available as standalone varietals, each with its distinct label. To create the label for “Ikons,” we took a literal approach to the idea of blending. We combined elements from the two pre-existing labels, forging a unique identity for “Ikons.” In this way, we maintained the brand’s familiarity while also illustrating the fusion of the two grape varieties.

Curator’s Insight: The label design for “Ikons” is a clever and elegant solution that showcases the harmony of the two grape varieties. The use of geometric shapes and contrasting colors creates a dynamic and modern look that stands out on the shelf. “Ikons” is a stunning example of how to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity for a wine product.