Nátur is a limited series of wines made from Croatia’s native grape variety called Škrlet. It is an orange wine, meaning the grapes fermented on natural yeasts. The wine thus acquires the unique taste of its “terroir”. The term “terroir” comes from the French word for turf or soil, and it refers to the natural flavor and aroma specific to the habitat of the vineyard. Inspired by this insight, we created a creative concept that influenced both the product and the packaging. We buried a wooden barrel filled with Natur one meter deep and left it to age for a month. Wooden barrels absorb scents from their environment, so the “terroir” was literally infused in the wine. Instead of using typical glass bottles, we filled the aged wine in clay bottles. They symbolize the soil, but clay bottles also affect the taste of wine. Hence the wine was again influenced by the element of earth. Finally, the winemaker leaves his muddy fingerprint on the bottle label, symbolizing the creators of Nátur: his hands and the soil.