Maria Carlos Cardeiro


Cocktail Kit – package for Microsoft Summer E-fest  Portugal | 2020 Every summer Microsoft Portugal throws a party for all its members and collaborators. But in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, a party was not really an option. So it was decided to do something bigger: an e-festival. A 100% digital event hosted on Teams platform, with several concerts and activities, meant to strengthen relations and boost the team’s morale, in a time where everyone is working from home. The Brand Identity and illustrations were built around a Totem, a symbol of collectivity that evokes a summer festival vibe while showcasing Microsoft’s colorful palette and iconic symbol. And because no festival is completed without a drink, every participant received a Cocktail Kit, made from scratch to deliver every ingredient they needed to have a great night and a great toast to the brand’s 30th anniversary in Portugal. The package was fully printed outside the box and on its inside, it had a patterned paper to wrap and protect the ingredients of the cocktail.

Maria Carlos Cardeiro


Director: Anne-Laure ChauvinBrand
strategist: André Mateus
Designer & Illustrator: Maria Carlos Cardeiro
Project manager: Inês Menezes
Artworker: Andreia Felicio
All rights reserved to NOSSA™ & Faz MOSSA 2020