Amêndoas do Vale

Maria Carlos Cardeiro


To create the package for Amêndoas do Vale, the following objectives were taken into consideration:

Develop new color codes and design elements, considering that the Amêndoas do Vale brand does not possess an established visual identity or style guide. The brand should have a secondary role in the label’s image.

Stand out from packaging that relies on photographic imagery and take advantage of transparency. The presence of salt and fat deposits inside should be subtly conveyed.

Foster a connection to both the name (Vale) and the product (Amêndoas).

Acknowledge the existence of another product from Lagar do Vale (Coração do Vale).

Create a visual design that aligns with a ‘premium’ target audience, taking into account the limitations imposed by the choice of packaging materials. While glass, with its higher cost, would be a premium option, the decision was made to opt for more cost-effective materials such as plastic, without compromising the overall aesthetic and appeal.

Ensure the scalability of the design for future expansions into other almond varieties or even different dried fruits.

Visual Concept:
The geographical setting of Lagar do Vale and its surroundings served as the starting point for the almond label’s graphic design. The large-scale texture of the almond resembles an aerial view of a cultivated field, and we aimed to capture this parallelism in the graphical representation.

How? By employing a traditional printing technique – linocut.

The choice of typography, on the other hand, was inspired by the grooves found on almonds and their traditional character.