Woodside Burger Shop – Hand Drawn Pop Cheer


Woodside Burger Shop (Mumbai, India) is a delivery-only offering that sells delicious burgers and fries. Being a delivery-only service, every interaction with the brand takes place virtually; with its packaging providing the only physical contact that one can have with the brand.

Packaging that catches the eye thus becomes extremely important, especially in a market and global situation that has given rise to a lot of seemingly similar offerings.

We decided to use the forms of the packaging to design functional elements that would excite the end consumer immediately. And in a hand-drawn pop art elementary style that reflects the unpretentious and fundamental values of the brand, that is targetting Gen Y and Zoomers.

Bright hues, bold graphic imagery, and innovative use of forms and visual elements thus translated into packaging that is already garnering exceptional reactions both in the real world, and online. And this, before one has even taken a bite of the deliciousness that lies within.