UNDRESSED BURGER – Making wholesomeness fun, and cheeky

Woodside Burger Shop’s latest offering is targeted at the health conscious. It’s a range of burgers that everyone can enjoy, guilt-free. Burgers that cut almost all of the carbs one associates with them, by eliminating the buns and adding fresh ingredients.

We felt that this remarkable offering and the value it accords, needed to be expressed in a manner that draws attention to it. Hence, we decided to christen it the UNDRESSED BURGER. A burger sans the buns and other extraneous ingredients. A burger crafted with the goodness of a delicious burger patty, fresh produce and almost no carbs.
We then visualized the packaging as a sleeve for the burger, with ingredients arrayed to depict a human form. To access the burger, one needs to peel open/undress the sleeve, below which lies a cheeky message.

By crafting packaging that demands attention, we got the fun and informative element going before one gets to the delicious and healthy offering that lies within. Instant eyeballs for an offering that’s eyeball worthy.