Alpha Pet Packaging


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The pet food market is becoming increasingly competitive with the proliferation of brands, so creative packaging needs to easily catch customer’s eyes. With a quite different style, Alpha Pet’s páte packaging stands out compared to other products on the market.

The concept of Alpha Pet’s packaging design is “The Legendary Leader”, focusing on the strength of cats and dogs to emphasize the mission to take care of pets’ health and nutrition. The letter “A” of “Alpha” is conveyed through images of cats and dogs sitting on their hind legs with a relaxed yet energetic posture. Additionally, the sharp edges of the letter’s borders at the corners resemble cat’s claws, they are the pride of cats.

The design concept is also reflected in the images of pets on the front of the packaging. Dogs and cats are illustrated by hand drawing style, especially they wear specialized accessories like hats and circular headbands which are reminiscent of those worn by warriors. These images not only clarify the design concept but also create remarkable packaging.

As well, the ingredients of the páte are delineated on another side of the packaging. The colors utilized in the drawings match those of the ingredients. Hand-drawn images of main ingredients such as beef, chicken, and fish are designed on the center of the side, and supplementary ingredients like carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes are illustrated below. Furthermore, the use of Ivory white textured paper for the packaging material, along with the logo-embossed, enhances the product’s appeal and attracts the buyer’s attention when choosing pet food.

In conclusion, Alpha Pet’s páte packaging not only reflects its brand identity but also effectively conveys its selling point, establishing it as a distinct choice in the pet food market.

Credit Design: RYMEE Creative
Art Director: Ryan Nguyen
Graphic Designer: Son Thanh
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Alpha Pet Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Pet Food
Packaging Materials: Metal