Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Herbal products for skin, hair, and body care are becoming increasingly popular among women seeking to minimize their exposure to chemicals. To provide more products that are friendly to Vietnamese women caring for hair, Co Herbal has developed products using well-known herbs such as basil, calendula, and periwinkle. As a brand committed to herbal hair care, Co Herbal concentrates not only on delivering high-quality products but also on championing sustainable development. This dedication is reflected in the brand packaging, which uses glass bottles with paper labels to minimize plastic use and enhance recyclability. The labels are adorned with illustrations of herbs, highlighting the natural ingredients in the shampoos and conditioners. The minimalist design of Co Herbal packaging evokes a sense of elegance and tranquility, offering women a relaxed and luxurious experience as they nurture their cherished hair.


Client: Co Herbal

Agency: RYMEE Creative

Project Manager: Mai Duong

Art Director: Ryan Nguyen

Photographer: La Nhân