Egreeno Eco pure & natural cleaners

Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

Nature is perfectly balanced. And Egreeno cleaners are designed to have such a sustainable balance; effective and tough on dirt, yet pure and human-friendly. Egreeno natural cleaners, contain a very high percentage of ingredients of natural origin (on average: 98%) in a hyper concentrated formula, which makes them detergents friendlier to the skin and in human health in general, and also quickly biodegradable. A truly eco-friendly choice in the market of cleaners and detergents. In order to enhance these product assets, we tackled the rebranding, in a holistic approach. Both for the Egreeno brand image and also its marketing aspect.

We introduced recycled PET bottles (up to 85% recycled material) across all products of the line and we choose containers that break the norms of the traditional detergent bottles that are weirdly shaped, not ergonomical and utilise poorly the shelf & pantry space. After our research, we concluded that the familiarity of the milk bottle is a positive connotation for the daily usage of its contents as well as a shape that all age groups can use with ease. By introducing this bottle, all Egreeno labels became more prominent, as the cylindrical shape dictates larger surface area. Well displayed information and vivid illustrations, produce an overall visually appealing result on the shelves – literally on half the space of a traditional detergent bottle.

The imagery on the labels, is inspired by the majesty of flora and fauna, yet we wanted Egreeno to stand apart from the visual norms that the eco-friendly movement has established all these years. For this reason, a minimalistic styling guide along symmetrical and geometric shapes, form all illustrations in a modern and upscaled manner. Lively colors and sleek shapes, draw organic and smooth lines, to depict flowers, animals and birds – delivering eye catching compositions.

The product line of Egreeno pure and natural cleaners, consists of laundry detergent and fabric softener, dish soap, dishwasher soap, liquid hand soap, all purpose cleaner, window cleaner as well as dishwasher shining agent.