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Thessaloniki, Greece

Supplements for the modern human

Nutrinous is a dietary supplements brand, designed carefully to be ideal for daily use. Modern, sleek and new age, Nutrinous’ brand look and feel sets the brand apart from competition. The wide variety of needs that their supplements cover, create a well rounded series of products that boost the mental and physical functions of the body. Improving metabolism, enhancing calcium levels, helping boost joints and muscles function, are a just some of the areas that the products touch upon. Daily needs that should be addressed responsibly, by a brand that the public can trust and rely on. The foundation on which we began to build the Nutrinous brand.

Starting with the logo, we went for a fairly technical yet versatile design. The main focus is the letter “o”, which is replaced by a symmetrical ring of stripes creating a visually pleasing effect and a focal point that hints towards the immediacy of the products’ action and the company’s focus on its mission. For the packaging design, we developed a concept based on bio-chemical chains, illustrated in a minimal, geometric style, with a pinch of optical illusion. It stems from technical depictions we often see, such as the DNA helix and also chemical strains.

Using that as a reference, we set out to make motifs befitting each box and bottle. A vivid, contrasting colour palette helped homogenise the range. Harmonious, curved shapes provided a friendlier look that softens down the technical character of the concept, and yet remains dynamic as the compositions are distinctly clean and symmetrical. These motifs are easily regenerated and highly adaptable and versatile. As the key visual of Nutrinous’s branding they become a useful, everlasting tool to be used in diverse print and digital applications, as well as future products.