Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

Design: Boo Republic
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: George Tripkos
Product Launch Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar / Aluminum cap / Paper box
Printing Process: Offset

Beetrip honey, is the realisation of chasing one’s dreams, in the real world. Choosing vision over routine. George Tripkos, the founder and beekeeper of Beetrip honey, gave up a life of civil engineering to practice beekeeping. While that is definitely not something you hear every day, it is something that was done in style. Phantom managed to encompass the significant details that reflect George’s ethos and mission.

With a focus and emphasis on the fact that each jar of honey originates from controlled pollination in the dense forests of Greece, natural elements are illustrated and nestled snugly behind the typeface. Each respective flavour hosts a different image, whether it be a chestnut or oak leaf. A colour pallet inspired by nature lays the foundation for all illustrations and the post stamp, signifies the journey of the bees as well as the journey of the founder into a new way of living, upon choosing agriculture as a career. Additionally, the company logo is a unified complex of letters, a fluid composition, decorated with discrete folklore ornaments.

What’s Unique?
What happens when someone chooses to change career path? Switching from corporate, to nature in order to be a full-time beekeeper, Beetrip honey was born. The result of George Tripkos personal quest in nature and its majesty.