Viodermin Life Drops serums

Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

Life, one drop at a time.

Life Drops range of products is composed of three serums providing intense treatment of facial skin and eyes. Bringing life back into the delicate area of the face, through a few drops. For these specialised serums, we created a small family of minimal, geometric illustrations in connection to their benefits. Gold foil is used in all of the designs, accentuating the transformations taking place through the product’s dedicated application. The white, black, and gold palette emphasises the directness and efficiency of the brand and particularly this range of products. The very subtle, geometric pattern of the white relief paper used, gives the packaging a premium look and feel and sets the products apart from other ranges. The Hyaluronic Acid, included in Viodermin’s serum category, is a wondrous all-around product used for facial skincare. It regenerates skin, retains moisture, smoothes and fills deep wrinkles. The core design element for this product is both straightforward and effortless. The brand’s trademark curved frame, embossed through the product’s title, creating waves of curves, alluding to the product’s promises for plump and healthy skin.