Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

An eternal duel or nature’s perfect equilibrium?

Find the answer in our newest Domestika course on packaging and brand identity

One of the most common gift packs that one can take home after their vacation in Greece (except ouzo and statuettes), is olive oil and vinegar. The two main ingredients for a greek salad. Taking this tacky and almost “bad-tourist-practice cliché”, in this Domestika course we will try to create a brand that will give this duet its glory back and connect the artifact to the land and culture it was produced. The solid connection for this project is a famous Aesop’s fable. The fable of “North wind & the Sun”. The two of them disputed as to which was the most powerful. The victor would be the one who could first strip a wayfaring man of his cloak. A “duel” that fits perfectly as a notion to the olive oil and vinegar ratio in a salad.

Ιn this lesson, you will get back in touch with stories, myths and narratives and you will see how you can analyze them and “translate” them into something useful for your own design process. Whether your style is illustrative and pictorial or typographical, you will learn how to be more observant and how history, lores and old folks narrations can actually inspire you. Get this course on Domestika!

Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

Branding & Packaging: Boo Republic

Art direction & photography: Boo Republic
Course instructor: Marios Georntamilis
Producer: P. Ravina
DOP: R. Esperanza
Sound engineer: E. Novoa
Printhouse: Fotolio S.A.
Props: Boo Republic