Wild Soda is a sugar-free drink with bright fruit and berry flavors. The brand strives to offer consumers healthy tastes that will delight them every day. Today, fewer and fewer people choose food for themselves thoughtlessly, information about proper nutrition is available to everyone, and many people consciously refuse added sugar in their diet. Wild Soda’s mission is to change the world for the better and offer a delicious product for those who love healthy habits.

To increase awareness and attract more customers, we have continued the line and we made several Wild Soda collaborations.

“The Power of the Territory” is a project about travel, overcoming, and victories. Giving up sugar is also an overcoming for many, and delicious drinks can brighten up a hike or trip.

Netology is a popular online educational platform offering more than 500 training programs. Collaboration with such a project made it possible to advertise the product to a wide audience.

The BitterSweet bar is located in the center of Moscow but does not always bars can offer a variety of delicious soft drinks, although this is important for many visitors, so the collaboration of the bar and Wild Soda is a win-win.​​​​​​​