Bring the Sun Along!​​​​​​​ 🌞
Summer heat and dazzling sunshine did their job! Sunflowers got filled with golden energy, got a tan, and now they’re ready to share summer cheers with us all the year round!

Our concept
The trendy package design should confidently appeal to the buyer, “You’re right! I am exactly what you need!” Unmistakable authenticity, speaking plain and clear.
Yes, they are nude! We mean, sunflower seeds. No kidding. And since we are being serious here, we needed a truly compelling design, revealing the uniqueness of the product through emotions. That’s why we gave it a touch of humour.

We wanted some redesign. Importantly, we had to produce new packing with the same technical capacity, while making it more attractive to showcase the product.

Everyone knows what it feels like to roast in the sun! Beautiful tan contrasting with white stripes from a bikini or a top makes the result all the more obvious. To show you some real sunflower nudes, we just had to peel their clothes off!

Why not serious?
Humor enhances and intensifies consumer experience, and improves brand recognition. We developed a deep rapport with our buyers using this simple and seemingly evident approach. An amusing idea that surprises and generates pleasant emotions will consequently be associated with the product. That’s how it works!