How to make cough candy, pastilles and syrup out of honey:
A recipe● take some honey,● and that’s all!

Yes, you are quite right: these goodies are 99% pure honey, a natural remedy! Such a product requires honey sweet packaging. Also, in order to stress the product´s remedial properties, we had to lean towards the medical look. At the same time, we had to preserve the balance between the drugstore and the daily consumption concepts. And you know what? We can say with confidence that our team managed to find the honey equilibrium!

Sweet and healthy – is that possible? You bet! Honey speaks for itself, every one of us knows of its health benefits. When you first approach the packaging design, you need to emphasize the product’s advantages. The packaging magic works only when the product’s look complements the contents with a precise flow of visual associations.

How to create an ideal packaging for a product made of honey: A recipe you should turn into honey! The packaging must “ooze honey”! From the cap shape to colour and lettering. The honeycomb is a geometric perfection directly associated with honey. There is nothing more symbolic than that. And to complete the set, we decorated the line of products for children with children’s artwork.

A product that invites to buy the product’s packaging is the first point of contact between the manufacturer and a potential buyer. The design should not only attract the consumer’s attention, but it must also inform about the product. And what could be better than timeless images of nature?