Mike Karolos

Athens, Greece

Kalupi (Καλούπι in Greek) is a limited edition wine from the Vassaltis vineyards in Santorini Greece. The name “Kalupi” came from the Greek expression “Σπάω το καλούπι” that means to break the mold, to make something unique and different.

The Client
Vassaltis vineyards were born in 2014. Three thousand years ago, vines grew exactly where their vineyards are now and people made and enjoyed wine. People learned how to grow vines again after the 17th century BC volcanic eruption covered the island in ash.  Still today we cultivate and ferment the grape and enjoy the end product. Winemaking has survived because viticulture and winemaking have evolved and adapted. Along with them the taste, packaging, and habits around wine have changed. This constant evolution in both vineyards and wineries has kept wine traditions alive. As young winemakers, they want to take these traditions, build on them, and modernize them in order to pass the baton on to the next generation in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. And through excellence, attention to detail, and creativity, they can achieve success and self-fulfillment.

The project
I was contacted by Yannis Valambous to create a unique illustration and design for his limited edition wine bottle. He wanted something different, to stand out, something in my signature style inspired by various elements from his vineyard. Elements inspired by everyday life at the vineyard like a characteristic building door, a cat, a worker and of course elements inspired by Santorini and wine in general. All this came together and made a colorful vibrant illustration. To make it stand out even more we added some gold foil parts on the label.