Wile is on a mission to reframe and reclaim the conversation around perimenopause. The company’s plant-based wellness supplements are formulated for women entering what Wile calls the “grown” stage of life: not old, not young, nowhere near done. Co-founded by entrepreneurs Gwendolyn Floyd, Corey Scholibo & Julie Kucinski along with actress Judy Greer, Wile uses clinically-backed naturopathic ingredients to help women regulate hormone fluctuations, manage stress, and support their energy levels and mood.

Our job was to develop a brand design system that’s beautiful, nuanced, and vibrant: exactly what grown women deserve, but rarely what they get. As Wile puts it, “Something happens when women turn 40. We start to disappear. From marketing briefs, cultural conversations, retail radar, our doctor’s care. Yet women like us are anything but invisible.”

From a design standpoint, we fought back against invisiblity with an elegant custom wordmark, bold colors, and a series of fluid figure illustrations that reference the dynamic physical, mental and emotional states of grown women.

Invisible? Watch us.
Finished? We’re just getting started.




Creative strategy & copywriting: Julie Kucinski

Product photography: Josh Grubbs