Caboo is a Vancouver-based company that makes tree-free paper products for the US and Canada. They helped invent the bamboo category, and have been longtime innovators in developing sustainable bath tissue, paper towels, facial tissues, napkins, and wipes. Yet in recent years the market they helped create got crowded. DTC brands were proliferating fast.

In collaboration with strategist Julie Kucinski, we shifted Caboo’s storytelling focus. Before we got involved, Caboo was speaking only to the most hardcore greenies and focusing on pandas and bamboo, a strategy that wasn’t connecting on an emotional level with customers. We shifted the narrative to something more mainstream and optimistic, focusing on what everyday people do care about: protecting forests and the animals who live there.

The result is a lovable brand that centers around a wise owl and his “forest friends,” a collection of tree and animal illustrations that serve as cheerleaders for Caboo’s customers. The colors and faces leap off big box shelves. Visuals make the impact quick and clear, not esoteric. And our menagerie thanks folks for making the switch to tree-free products.

The new branding aims to educate, inspire, and add playfulness to everyday experiences. Wiping your…whatever…has never been so much fun.




Brand strategy & copywriting: Julie Kucinski

Marketing consultant: Corey Scholibo

Photography: Ryan Dyer

3D renders: Imiger Studios Inc.