IKRYANIKI – salmon meat sticks in a package with a new design. A Ukrainian manufacturer of fish snacks approached our studio with the task of redesigning Flow-Pack and Doy-Pack packages. After discussing the proposed concepts, it was decided to completely change the design without maintaining continuity with the previous one. The only element that migrated unchanged from the old design to the new one was a quite successful trademark. She took center stage in the 35 gram package.

Above is a deliciously photographed product with a description. Under the TM there is an image of a salmon fillet indicating the ingredients used in the preparation of the product. For visual distinction, “dried sticks” are marked in brown, “dried-smoked” – in black, and “dried with adjika” – in red signal color. The cutting board, grate and dish included in the composition gave character and expressiveness to the still lifes.

In addition, work was underway to improve the corporate identity used in the first version of the packages. Behind the Doy-Pack fits a much improved, real sailor.


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