We are not called everyday to design a label for a new Gin developed in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. There are lots of Gin brands in the world, but this is the first one we know developed in such a magical place as Cusco.

Cusco is fertile land for hundreds of crops. Over there, ingredients bloom for this new distillate. We called it INTIRA as an offering to the Sun god or Inti, the most significant deity in Andean mythology. Thanks to Inti, plants obtain their nutrients and fruits ripen. To make the concept of the sun more powerful, we used its rays as the principal element and decided to add gold foil to make it shine. The label’s rhomboid shape insinuates the Andean mountains and the botanical illustrations portray the ingredients that give its flavor.


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Sed Estudio


Creative Director: Daniela Nicholson

Design Director: Jose Bernal

Naming: Andrea D'Angelo

Illustration: Camila Cruz