Q’uma Chocolate

Sed Estudio

Agency: Sed Estudio
Design: Jose G Bernal
Illustration: Maria Boada
Creative Director: Daniela Nicholson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Q’uma Chocolate=
Location: Lima, Peru
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

The goal: to create a more attractive packaging elevating Q’uma chocolate to a more premium look. During our research, we identified the following keywords: Peru, jungle, explore, farmers, exotic, elegant. We very much liked the combination between exotic and elegant.

What if the packages form a landscape of the biodiverse flora and fauna of the Peruvian jungle? That way the brand will stand out at the point of sale. The next challenge was: to re-design the packaging showing an evolution and not a radical change. To achieve this, we deconstructed the original package and analyzed what elements we could preserve and what others we should re-do. We reused the black bar, the position of the logo and flavor. The colors were only adjusted in tones.

Inside, information about the farmers or “Cacao partners” was added, as they are fundamental element to create the best chocolate.

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What’s Unique?
Understanding the origin of the main ingredient (cacao from the Peruvian jungle) and taking that knowledge as an starting point for the concept of the design. We thought of representing the feeling of being immersed in the jungle, an amazing landscape full of unique plants and animals. That was when we had the idea of making a long illustration divided in seven panels that together would showcase the biodiversity of Peruvian jungle and stand out in the point of purchase.