Peter Larsen Viborg


Aarhus, Danmark

Peter Larsen VIBORG is a micro-roastery that receives coffee from small cooperatives around the world. The VIBORG brand has established its own micro-roastery, which is located in the heart of the old Peter Larsen Coffee “factory” in Viborg city. The VIBORG brand is built around the story of the micro-roastry’s physical and geographical location. I designed a logotype that is inspired by old maps from Viborg’s local archive. The logo is printed with gold on cardboard to emphasize and refine the idea of the micro-roastery which is located within the old coffee factory.

The label format is identical to the micro-roastery ground plan in 1: 1730, and the 4 rectangles are identical to the four windows in the micro-roastery roof. When you open the packaging, there is a folder that tells the story about the micro-roastery, about the cooperative where the beans come from, and a description of the coffee.