Traminer IGT – Trevenezie Collection

Valentina Cresti e Associati

53100 Siena SI, Italia

The wines of this collection are originally from Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino, in Italy. They are all white wines with peculiar fruity and aromatic notes. It is from these sensory characteristics that the design of the labels originated. Our design has won the award of Bronze Label at the Vinitaly International Packaging Competition 2019, with the Traminer label.

An aesthetic that recomposes a complete sensory experience: brilliant and irregular fragments take the color of the flowers and tropical fruits perceived in tasting, interspersed with golden flashes of the sun kissing the grapes of Friuli and Trentino.

The kaleidoscopic effect of the fragments proposes the explosion of tastes and aromas that characterizes these white wines.

To obtain the desired effect of meaning, it was essential to know how to render through the materials the play of fragmented lights. The paper used has a rough and martele texture. The shiny braille and the gold foil return iridescent shades depending on how they are affected by the light. Wow!