Italian brand of light sparkling wine

Scope of work:
Logo design
Brand identity

Balendi is a new product on the European market geared towards young and active consumers. To create a bright wine taste, the best wine materials are selected across the country. A packaging design must eloquently demonstrate the highest level of elegance and authenticity to make new aromas stand out. The principle condition is to avoid the banal characteristics associated with the classic vine-growing process.

Diamonds are integrated into a pattern of a background display in terms of the basis of design. The premium nature of the product is conveyed, and sharp edges in the form of lines emphasize the modern aspect. We used a white background color and a coat of arms on the front of the package for the same reason. There is a crown, a rising sun and elements of flora hidden within, reflecting the presence of natural flavors in the recipe.

On the left side of the front and the right side of the side face, the inscription Balendi Originale interrupts the symmetry of the composition. The goal of this technique is to move away from classic design towards more modern, youthful and daring designs. Contrary to expectations, the brand strategy, like the design, combines several contradictions into one image.

Year: 2022