Morshynska «Independence Day of Ukraine»

In honor of Independence Day, the labels of the main product line of the Morshynska brand were updated to inspire customers to be strong and move towards the desired future of a happy Ukraine — united, free, and technological. The platform ‘Happy Country of the Future’ unites social projects aimed at the development and support of Ukraine. The design of all three SKUs supports these initiatives.

The colors and structure of the limited design remained recognizable compared to the main design. This was done to ensure that consumers do not confuse the products and can easily find what they need. To make the design directly related to Ukraine’s Independence Day, a map of the country was added. However, it was shown not in the visible zone but to the right of the front of the packaging. This made it possible to make the map bigger allowing the main illustration of the label continuing inside it.

The theme of national unity was conveyed by showing a family strolling somewhere in Crimea, where beautiful balloons are flying, and the sea and mountains are visible. The image of a free country is represented by a girl traveling somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains, with a Ukrainian Antonov An-225 “Mriya” plane passing in the background. The final scene, representing technology, features a young man jogging through the evening streets of Kyiv. In the background, you can see the new futuristic pedestrian bridge that is currently under construction in the Obolonsky district, the Olympic stadium, and many well-known Kyiv skyscrapers.


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