“Lymonada” is a new beverage from the Morshynska brand. It is available in PET bottles and aluminum cans in three flavors — orange/peach, apple, and grapefruit. The design is characterized by bright, eye-catching colors and intersecting contrasting patches, as this product is the most vibrant flavor in the brand’s lineup and should be visually appealing to consumers.

The flavor identification is achieved through the use of colors and flavor illustrations. Each product contains 5% to 10% juice, partially sourced from Ukraine. According to statistics, Ukrainians consume approximately seven times less lemonade than Europeans, indicating a significant potential for future growth in the consumption of such beverages.

The design composition of the front labels on the bottles follows a more classic arrangement of design elements, with the brand and product name placed together horizontally. On the can, the brand logo is displayed prominently, while the product name is placed outside the visible area of the packaging. This decision allows for a larger and more noticeable product name, as well as more interesting merchandising opportunities.