The design of the Castlaw gin symbolizes the unity of man and nature. The glass bottle and cap are covered with a snake’s pattern, emphasizing the gin’s connection to its mythical guardian. The image reminds us of the eternal cycle of life and death, visibility and secrecy, as well as the wisdom embodied in the image of the snake.

The brand’s main approach to production is a balance between traditional manufacturing methods, modern technologies, and original developments. Castlaw gin is not just a drink, it is an immersion in legends full of mystique and secrets. Each sip is meant to remind us of the power of nature and the greatness of the spiritual heritage of the land.

The bottle is designed, taking into account all production constraints in mass and construction. The geometry has a balanced center of gravity for stability. The distillation process takes place in original copper apparatuses following all the classic rules, but with the addition of exotic plants that give the drink a unique flavor and aroma.