Ukrainian beer «Lvivske Radler»

Reynolds and Reyner

Lvivske “Radler” represents an original combination of beer with Ukrainian fruit flavors, finished with notes of mint. In the development of the packaging, a light modernization of the brand’s classic identity was introduced, including the addition of modern elements to give the product a fresh look and lightness.

As it is known, Radler is a popular drink in Europe. Lviv has always been the western gateway of Ukraine to Europe, hence the Lvivske brand is the first to pick up on the trends for light flavorful beer, and the packaging design successfully emphasizes this.

The range presents two refreshing flavors: apple and mint, as well as lemon and mint, in green and yellow color schemes, respectively. Bright and juicy illustrations of fruits, supplemented with a stylized Ukrainian pattern, highlight their naturalness and origin, making Lvivske “Radler” attractive to consumers.