Burlap House Coffee




Colorful packaging and a fun logo bring to life the finest quality coffee produced in Brazil. However you like your coffee, Burlap House Coffee has you covered. This specialty importer from Marlborough, USA, offers five varieties of 100% arabica whole bean and ground coffee, bringing the finest quality coffee produced in Brazil to the American consumer.

We worked with BHC to create a logo that reflects the Brazilian coffee origin and packaging with a clear and distinct labeling method to help consumers pick out what is best for them. The logo is inspired by the popular culture of northeastern Brazil, such as Cordel Literature and the Armorial Movement, in which the artistic images were made through woodcuts. A modern and yet rustic design, inspired by vintage branding found on wooden coffee crates and burlaps. A combination of contemporary slab serif, sans serif and handwritten fonts for a unique brand identity. The packaging highlights the logo and the most important facts, like the roast level, are listed below the artwork. Color is used to draw attention, but also to help customers navigate through the coffee varieties – Violet for Dark Roast, Red for Medium Roast, Orange for Expresso, Green for Decaffeinated, and Blue for Cold Brew.