Backbar Studios

Monaghan, Ireland


We had the pleasure recently of working with an artesian food producer in the development of some beautiful contemporary packaging and brand visuals for ‘Mush Mór’. This is indeed a very unique product, in that it embraces seven incredible varieties of exotic mushrooms. This modern food product blends and celebrates seven of the world’s most beneficial mushrooms, each possessing some important natural health benefits.


From the outset, it was our desire to envisage packaging and brand visuals that reflected the origins and history of these extraordinary fungi. From crafted typography to a series of bespoke illustrations, we developed a look and feel for the packaging that was reminiscent of historic botanical etchings and hand-painted illustrations. A clean contemporary look was developed across the range with a distinct nod to the ancient east and its wisdom of ingredients. This coupled with an almost storybook design resulted in some elegant and attractive brand packaging.


We are proud of the end result and immensely satisfied that it evokes a unique offering and brand design worthy of the quality of the range and its extraordinary health benefits.