Garden County Irish Whiskey

Backbar Studios

Monaghan, Ireland

From the “Garden County” in Wicklow, Ireland comes a very Irish tale of the ‘Púca’ and with it, some incredible heritage and passion for the wildness and beauty of the countryside, that has led to a very distinctive and unique Irish Whiskey.

‘Garden County, Mountain Born Irish Spirits’ delivers a complex premium whiskey spirit. Expertly blended from malt and grain, and then maturing in oak, bourbon and stout casks to unlock the flavours that epitomise all that is good in a distinctive premium Irish whiskey.

The purity and heritage in the product, the mystique of the process and the unspoilt Wicklow countryside gave us the opportunity to develop and bring alive a character from Irish Celtic folklore and mythology. The legend of the Púca, with its ability to shape change into various native animals or indeed human form, and which enjoyed acts of devilment and mischief became our illustrated starting point for this series of high-end labels and packaging.

Earthy colours and accent golds with just enough hand-created typography, echo the mythology and the whiskey’s Irish roots. Natural papers and subtle embossing contrasted with a torn edge of antique gold foil, bring together all the crafted traditions with the flair of contemporary ambition.