safran ccino – hard box saffron



Hard boxes are a type of luxury saffron packaging. This type of saffron packaging is popular worldwide and is usually used to export saffron to different countries. Chino saffron brand hard box packaging is designed and executed in two best-selling weights of 1 and 5 grams, which are suitable for export to different parts of the world. Also, chino saffron hard boxes are suitable as gifts due to the raw materials and special effects printed on them. Inside the hard boxes, there is a metal can dedicated to Chino Organic Saffron.

Due to the value of organic saffron, we have considered a simple and at the same time stylish packaging for it, which while preventing the quality of saffron from declining, also protects saffron. On the chino organic saffron hard box, very beautiful and suitable printing effects have been used.

The combination of black color and the red and gold effect used on the outer layer of these boxes has given them a stylish and dazzling appearance. Due to the fact that very limited brands have the ability to produce saffron cans exclusively, the production of metal saffron cans and custom printing on them, has a large share in brand differentiation in global markets. Inside the hard box, a simple and stylish space has been considered for storing this box, which with the exquisite design and execution of Chino saffron luxury hard box, these packages went to the world markets in the most beautiful way.

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